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December 09, 2009


Melissa P 7NW

i like the R.E. home work because you get to choose which sheet you work on each week!

joe b 7nw

it sounds fun to do a poster for the r.e room.

Harry w

i think some of the R.E homework was good but they need to be more enjoyable i would like more games on the homework

jack.m 7NW

it was really fun but hard as well but it was fun

oscar c 7nw

i think the home work is pretty cool because we have a selection so we dont have to do the exact one that miss bushell sets for us


i liked the homework quite alot

joe f 7nw

i think it is good to get this re homework because some worksheets are very interesting and have given me things that i have not even known before. i think people that dont do the re homework should because it is very helpful and interesing.

james c 7nw

I like the homework because we get a choice of what we can do

Charlie R  8NW

Hello , i find the R.E homework easy and boring i would sugest to have homework set each week so that, what have we done in the lesson !
When i first get the sheets i like to get the easy ones first or the fun ones !

Danny M 8NW

I Dont Like Homework. But At Least we get a choice and its not all boring.


R.E. Homework is pretty cool cause its not to hard most of the time and you get to pick which homework you want to do.
for the future, i'd prefer more puzzle homeworks, and maybe cooking if possible...

connor f 8nw

i think R.E. homework can be fun sometimes because you get to chose which sheet you do but the diffucult part is that some of them are quite easier than the other's.

Dom h 8nw

1)homework is alright but hard aswell
2) it does improve your learning but when it is too hard i dont think it does
3)i like cooking more coz u get to eat it :)
4)not so many hard homeworks :)


i think that the homework tasks are ok but some of them are quiet hard but a fair few of them are good. i like the all the options you have and my favourite type of homework is the ones were you make your own things like drawings wordsearches

Robert M

heyyoooo, i find the R.E homework fun. Some peices are not very interesting but most of it is good stuff. i think it is cool that you get to choose what homework you want to do out of a selection

luke a 8nw

i like r e because you get to learn about new religion i didn't know about and the crossword and designing yorr own god

Katie M  8NW

I think the hw RE sheets are really good but some of them i find a little tricky. i think it does help our learing. I prefer the research and the cooking.and you can make them a little funnier
and easier

Ellie A 8NW.

I liked most of the homework sheets were given. As you pick the ones you want to do.

I like the tasks where we get to interview, make a models as I don't like the written work.

To improve the homework tast next term I think there should be less writing and more fun things.

Alisha H 8nw

1. Whether you enjoy your homework tasks in RE
I think that some of the homework sheets are ok but some i really hate. But then there is some i really love like wordsearches.

2. Whether you think that it extends your learning
I think that the homework does extend our learning depending on what piece it is. If it is a wordserach or a crossword it doesnt really help you much.

3. Which type of tasks do you prefer? (puzzles, model making, research, illustrations, interviews, cooking etc)
I prefer puzzles and research because its easy and simple and really fun too.

4. What suggestions do you have for future homework tasks in RE?
I think that maybe we could have more funnier and much easier homework for people who don't do re very well. Easy stuff to make them learn from an early stage to get all pieces of information.

Rachel H 8NW

i think the re homework is ok but some sheets are too much. i think i understand re better because of hw
i like puzzles model making and cooking and researching people.
make them more fun and easy to understand .


I think some re tasks are fun but not all of them they need more making activities, i think it does extend my learning by teaching in a fun way,i enjoy the model making tasks they get me creative,painting and fun games.

Nic H 8NW

i enjoy the RE tasks.

it does extend my learning.

i prefer the cooking and musical tasks

and i would like to have more cooking and musical tasks

connor f 8nw

i think R.E. homework can be quite fun because you can chose your own sheet to do each week and it is quite diffucult as well because some sheets are harder than some others.

luke a 8nw

i like the r.e tsks because it improves the learning of me and the people in the class.

Chris W

I really enjoy doing R.E homework because it lets us learn a range of religions at our own pace. I like the crosswords because they help us learn keywords.

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