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September 03, 2009



I think R.E was okay this term but good be better by doing more activities. the homework was fun expecially the cooking one.


i think that some of the homework is really fun and easy to do, but some of them could be easier.

Jada .S. 7JM

I think the r.e homework is better than other lessons homework because you get to choose what sheet to do and you don't get told that you have to do a certain piece of homework.
So its good.

kyle K

i think that some was fun but others were not. i liked the cooking one


i think that the re home work is quite fun because you get to choose what task you are doing and there is a really fun one which is the cooking sheet

Alanna L 7LB

I think the homework was ok. I liked the bit where you had to do the wordsearches and making the christingle poster, all the rest of the homework I got stuck on and was a bit hard. In order to improve you should put in more poster activities!

shannon 7lb

RE is ok but the homework is quite fun but hard

Emma Curran :)

I am looking forward to another fantastic term of fun R.E activities to do and to visit some awesome places. :D

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