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September 03, 2009


Charlie S

I am looking foward to playing with lego and going to different places like for instance going to mosques.

Kyran E 7BM

i thought the first RE homework was easy.

jarod c

I am look forward to do RE this year.

jessica c 7BM

i think the first homework was fun and not to hard as it was our second day

Cayliam S. 7BM

y7 R.E homework was really easy for the first homework of the year of R.E. Im looking forward to learning about jesus and his life this year it will be really fun with miss bushell and my new class.

iain w

the homework isnt so bad the posters kinda fun and even if u dont like re you should still try hard and you should look forward to the fun stuff you do and the buddahs and painting them

jakej 7bm

i like the blog besause you can play with the animals

Lauren f x

im looking forward to the activities we will do in year 7 and i like the poster that we've done too! not looking forward too homework we are getting. I wonder what we will do in year 8 because i hope there is not much homework i hoping not much anyway if you are reading this bye x

kai w 7bm

i think re the first piece homework is pips and i'm interested about other religions.

millie s 7bm

I think re homework was easy.I know what we are doing.

jay C

the first homework was really easy at the moment i dont mind r.e im hoping that i will enjoy this year with R.E and get a really good grade so that i will be able to get into a really good high school

Charlie C

The R.E homework was easy for the fist R.E homework i got.

Lewis A

I think the first homework was easy.I think RE is going to be hard because of the homework its going to be hard to keep up with them.

alex c 7bm

i thought the first re homework was easy i am not really looking foward to re this year as i dont believe in a religion. but i like the blog because you can play games and adopt pets.i like the football game best because i like football.i am definitely not looking foward to re homework.

marley m 7bm

I think that i will have fun in R.E
because we are learning about jesus.

Emma J

this years RE work in class is a bit hard but i cant wait for homework

Jordan F 7nw

R.E Homework was good until i got to the harder ones it has got really boring.

casey k 8nw

homework is hard, so can we please have somthing easier, like more arty stuff or colour by number. things like that >?

connor s 8nw

i think this term the homework has been harder than last year could we have some easier like drawing and stuff like that.

connor s 8nw

Ellie A 8GB

i think re is fun and hard. the homework is hard too.

jake k 8gb

I think RE is fun and hard. The homework is hard too.

Aileish m 7JM

I think that the re homework is good because it's like to see if we've been listening in class although we can look things up but still i like it.

Ellen F 7JM

I think the RE homework is okay, but i think some of the activities could have been 'lighter' so that i dont spend an hour doing it. But overall, it was fun to do, but to make it better could we possibly have a spot the difference homework or more quizzes that we can design ourselves ??

Rowen T 7JM

I dont mind the RE home work some are very easy but i dont see the point of doing it. still it gives me something to do on a monday after school.


i think that the homework is fun and easy. some of the pages are fairly hard... but it gets easier.


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