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November 16, 2008


jake 7gb

i think it was fun


i think that the visitors were very interesting and i enjoyed it i think the lady at the back did too

Ellie A

I thint it was good because they were nice poeple. The best thing was when they told us a story.

delcine k 7GB

i liked the people who came in they were really good i knew they were good because the woman sat at the back of the class enjoyed it
thank you for the visitors!

jaidenc 7gb

When the visiters came I think it was fun when they told us about the parable of the farmer and the seeds and it was so interesting.

samuel T 7GB

I think that they were very good. It was very good story that they read out about how it used to be like as a farmer. The farmer had a son that work for him for a for a bit.

jake k 7gb

I think that the visitors were really nice. The story was nice and good.

chanelle 7gb

the Re blog is a great web site to learn with and i love the fish and rabit and the way you can make your is great fun to learn with and easy to do you are the best RE teacher ever



joe f

i think that hope 2008 was very good because they made us learn in a sort of interactive way by getting us involed in things like roleplay

danny m 7nw

i like those people who came in. me and my friend saw them going from door to door!

Chelsea, Charlotte And Lauren.

Re Homework:

Charlotte thinks: It was fun, and it was good because i had a variety of choices of homework sheets.

Lauren thinks: I thought That it was a little bit hard but really fun at the same time.

Chelsea Thinks: I think it was fun and encourging. It was a bit hard but it got me to improve my RE skills.

E J Willis

I like the RE homework its rather fun and the lessons are really cool RE is BRILLIANT

ben r 7nw

i have enjoyed this topic doing the acting

Daniel.P and Michael.L 7JM

I think R.E is ok however it is not my favourite subject. The homework is reasonble because you get a selection of worksheets to choose from.

charlotte a 7jm

i think that the re homework is better than any other homework beacuse you get a choice of what you do and also you do not have to hand it in till the next week.


re was good because we leart how different religions worship g-d

Ben S 8gb

i enjoy re lesons and the homework is good because you choose what sheets you do. So far this year we have learnt about difrent religions and I have had fun in the lessons.

Teya.L + Kira.R in 7LB

i like some of the h.w especially liked the one where we get to make things.

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