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November 08, 2006



Hi Mrs Bushell
I think the blog is a great idea to let other people that go to other schools know what a great school we are by finding out what we have been doing by looking at out blog! I think this assessment is very good and has a lot of detail in but I think they could improve it by adding a third interviewee. I would give this person a level 4b/4a because this assesment involves lots of detail and it is clear that this person has worked very hard on this piece of work.
Bye for now Leah


Hi Mrs Bushell
I think the blog is a good
idea because you can write comments, but I think you
could improve it by putting in
more pitcures.

Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your comment Lauren. I will have to get my camera out!


Hi Mrs Bushell
I agree with Leah on her comment it is very interesting. Also adding to this I think it would be great if we had one game or something to get people more interactive with the website.
See you at school Mrs Bushell, Megan x

Mrs Bushell

That's a super idea Megan. I will look into it. Do you think something for everyone or shall I link it in with what topics each year group are learning about at school?


WOW!! That assessment was excellent.
Mrs Bushell, are other classes in year 7 going to have some of their work on there?
Mr Chubb set our homework to look at the blog, well I've done it now!


I think that the RE assesment was quite hard but I also think I could have done better and I also agree with Leah as we should be able to play some games on this site as it could also help us to learn RE. Bye for now, Elliott


Hi Mrs Bushell I think you should do games about what each year group is doing in RE but leave them on there so other years can get a head start on what other years are doing or have done. Bye for now, Elliott


I think that it is a very good assessment and it deserved a good mark and it got a good mark well done.

Mrs Bushell

I am glad you were impressed with the assessment Lewis! I will be using the blog a lot for posting work from all year groups and classes - you never know next time it could be you!


I think the re assessment was easy and I am happy with my level


I think the r.e test was a bit hard but really tested what the person has found out this term.


I think the assessment was really good and the r.e blog is brill because people at other schools can see what work were doing and people in other countries can see what we do and can use are ideas to help other children all around the world and help to give them a better education.


The one Lewis did was quite good


Hi Mrs Bushell
I think the assessment was excellent and you can learn a lot from the blog .


I think the assessment was good and so is the blog because it can help people with home work.


This blog is a very good idea because it can help you because it has loads of information on it.

liam h

Hello Mrs Bushell I think this re blog is very good and easy to use


This blog is great

Dylan b

I think that it is a good blog because it's fun to look at and I like feeding the fish and the rabbit!

Emily l

Maybe we could go on the computers a bit more and play more games, but I really liked watching episodes of the simpsons.


hey miss bushell , Re is even better when you are teaching! I used to think it was really boring when other teachers used to teach us RE, but uve cretainly brightened re up at nodehill.

Emily W  7BM

Hi Mrs . Bushell
I think this blog is really nice and good fun! I hope people enjoy it. Its even more fun when you do it. No wonder there are load of comments its really good

luke b 7nw

i think some of the home work is good but some of it i don't get but over all i sort of like it

samantha h 7dh

hi, mrs bushell
your blog is cool!
thanks for teaching me in year 7

from samantha h 7DH

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