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November 02, 2006



I like your blog it's very cool


I read a passage from the Bible in keystage 3 special act of service assembly. it was very good because it will teach people about working together. I felt that it was a very good idea to have the special act of service assemblies. good blog too well done Mrs Bushell


I thought the service was very unique, I haven't been to one like that before.


I liked it


Very Good


Very Good


I liked the blog because it had peoples work from different years. It also has a lot of information.


I like this blog because it shows people's work and what they are learning about.


It was a really interesting assembly and I had enjoyed it.


I think it is a good idea to have a blog and keep up the good work everyone!!!

SACRE Consultant

SACRE members were so impressed with this website that it has now been attached to its own website as part of eduwight. We will be informing other schools of its existence as an example of good practice. Glad you told us of it!!


I like the blog and I find it interesting. In the lessons I would like to not to go over the stuff we all ready know like about Jesus but it is fun to learn about Jesus and what he did I just think it would be better to learn some new things.

Ryan rf 7nw

I really like this blog beacause I think it is interesting and fascinating. There arn't enough pictures but too much information, this will help others in the future and even for homework. Overall I think this blog is very attracting and exciting.

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