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October 12, 2006


Sam S

I like the description about this find and I think that overall this assessment is well explained
Sam S 8jh


After reading this piece of assessed work by Felix I have realised many ways in which I could have made my assessment better. I think that Felix has used all the keywords appropriately and in the right context. I think that Felix could have made his ending paragraph a bit more detailed because all of his previous paragraphs were superb!

Well done Felix




Cool blog, but its not very easy to see how to comment.

Are we going to talking to any other visitors, apart from the Christain man? Last year it was really interesting with the Muslim visitors as it was a totally different religion that Christianity, which we always seem to talk about.


Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your post Jazz - I see you found it difficult to post a comment. If you just scroll down to the bottom of the photos and click on the bold comments.
Glad you liked the visitors. Look out for a post early next week asking for your comments on our Christian visitors.


I think the blog is good for other people maybe not from Nodehill so they can see what we've been up to


Cool blog Mrs Bushell, its just like the French one, but for RE. I hope that you don't turn blog crazy like Mr Dale!!


I really liked it sincerely it was very good


Hi Mrs B I think your blogs cool


Very good. It had a lot of description which you will always need to get a good level!


I like the blog but it's a bit hard to find out how to comment (in the end I had to ask someone) but I think that the essay is really good bye for now

from Jack H 8JH


Hello Mrs B!! This is a really good idea as when we do our assessments we know what to do to get a high level 5!! See you next lesson xx

Jess R

Felix has expalined himself well and has written a really good assessment, if I could do as well as him I would be amazed!! He really knows the real facts? As I have read this I know that I can make a better assessment next time. But really he could have put a bit more detail in??
From Jess

Mrs Bushell

Jack, thank you for your comments and I see you found it difficult to find out what to do. It is early days and we are all finding our way around! If you click on a category down the right hand side i.e. 8JH or Year 8 etc. then at the bottom on the post or the bottom of the photos there will be the word 'comment' in bold. Click on that and a box will appear for you to type in your views. Hope this clears it up.


It's a good blog but Mr Dales' is maybe a little bit better


Hello Mrs Bushell, Felix has explained himself well and has a done a really good assessment. I think I could really improve my next assessment.
From Henry


I just wanted to say that the RE lessons are a lot better than last years for some reason and I don't think I will do very well on the 'God's' assesment!!!
I will see you on Wednesday for the MAPP day, 29th November
Callum 8JH

lewis c

A great blog. Now know what to do to get a level five and improve on my mark for the next assement as I could inclued a bit more. Well explained assesment.
Lewis 8JH

Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your comments Callum and I am pleased that you are enjoying your RE this year! I am sure that you will have a great time on the MAPP day - look out for a posting about it later in the week!


Good blog everyone.


I think that this work is really
good because they have put loads
of effort in to it.


Well done everyone for the work you did and the things that are on the blog. this blogs well good.


All of the work is good but the blog even better (sorry!!!)

Jade B

I think the RE blog is really good keep up the good work everyone.

from Jade B 8NW


Like your blog Miss it's a bit boring though. I don't think many people would want to look at it unless it was homework or something. It's ok though.

lewis c

The blog is looking really good now Mrs Bushell I really enjoyed the stained glass window project there was lots of good things to learn about. See you next lesson


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