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October 12, 2006



I like your blog but maybe you should have some more fun stuff on it, although I must say it is very informative


I think its really good idea because it advertises our work so people know how good our school is.


I liked the blog but difficult to see where to comment. Also very good images on the assembly and children's work. I read the blog much better than the last time I left a comment!


Hello Mrs Bushell. The blog is very good, it looks very helpful for homework.


I found the letter interesting.

adam 8 rm

I think the re blog is very interesting. I like the vokis and all the work. They have progressed well .


Hi there this re blog is good. It has good work and lots of new things. I like the vokies and things and it's got a lot of things .


Well I think that your re blog is really amazing Mrs Bushell and I think that all the things we have learnt this year are really good like the different beliefs about god and how people have views about god and how they live and we have learnt about different types e.g christains and jews muslims and lots more. I would like to do work on things where we watch films like Eastenders where there is somthing religious on it so we can say to the class in detail which part of it was the part of a religion


Hi Mrs Bushell are think that the blog is wicked and good for people who go to Nodehill and who go on the website and can see what we get up to and what we learn about here at Nodehill Middle School.

I hope there are more games and vokies going to be added to the re blog soon.


i have made a rap for the website

re is so kool
dont be a fool
learn lots of stuff
to make you go huff
if you are a winner
you can have your dinner
the religion jews
dont have a clue
but you mrs bushell
you are official

it is good i think but what about you



This blog is good because when I'm stuck( all the time)!:( :) i can use this blog to help me!!!!! When are there going to be games on here?

Lewis [C] 8RM

liam d

The blog is good I think it is something I would use for homework.


I think the essay is really good. I like the blog aswell.

joe 8RM

Hi Mrs Bushell the blog is looking great and I'm really enjoing looking at all of the vokis. Good luck on the blog!!!!!!!!!!

Liam B 8SD

I think the blog is really good and useful. it is very helpful if I have any homework to do.

freddie g

Um I think that the RE blog is very good and I think it is very important that we do things like that assessment to teach about other religions.

Kayleigh T 8jh

i like the idea of having r.e folders for homework because some people can lose their own h.w


well done i really liked the last one it was very good and liked the first one it was good to

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