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October 03, 2006



i think that the assement was very good , he included most of he key words which we could use! Over all it is sounds much better than mine!


I thought it was very good.
It included lots of information and kept me interested. The description was extremley detailed and he used most of the keywords.



WOW well done Mrs Bushell and co. Looking good! Holly 8JHxxx


It's a very good piece of work he's used most of the key words and kept me interested. It was very detailed and a good example for me to learn from.


Rosie B

I thought his asessment was very good and a lot better than mine, as he explained as well as described. The blog looks good aswell.


I think that it looks really good Mrs Bushell. The description in the assessment is very good. Good Idea! Dominique 8JH


i think that my assessment wasnt a big success
but everyone tried as hard as they could and got the level they wanted


I think that it was a very insiring work and will help me to improve more on my work by including more key words.
Nicole 7JD xxxx


The blog rules help to keep us safe on the internet. They also stop people writing rude words


I think this blog is a very good way that people can learn from their mistakes and that they can learn more about the bible and facts that they didin't know already.


This a good r.e blog. The person who did the assessment did a better job of doing one than I would of done. I think that this is very good and I would give it a 9/10 (for the blog)


I think the blog is very good and will help us with our RE.


I think this blog is really cool and it will help me a lot in r.e also this blog is very well set up and intresting from Tash 7JD


Hi everyone!
I think the blog is really good and gives pupils the opportunity to see what other people have been getting up to in RE. In addition, it is fun to level other peoples work and it helps us with our own work!
Good work Mrs Bushell (and others who helped)!

Harriet 7NW

Hannah 7NW

I really like the website Mrs.Bushell. I have enjoyed the assemblies we have had with the Vicar. As I have read through I can tell a lot of work has been put into this everyone!!


I think the newspaper articles were really informative


I think this piece of work really showed me how I could improve mine and I also picked up how the writer could improve theirs but overall I thought that this piece of work was good and I liked it!!!! well done!!!


tom th 7nw

I think this blog is very good. I also hope that this will do for my RE homework. The examples of work are very helpful.

tom 7nw

I think this is very good. I like the idea of examples of work as it helps me with my own. I hope this will do for my RE homwork Mrs Reynolds!

Lucy 7NW

I think the R.E blog has had a lot of work put into it. Also, I think the work I have seen on the blog, made by fellow pupils, is very inspiring and will help me with my future assessments. From Lucy.


I think this blog is really good and interesting and the newspapers are really good.


I think this blog is really good and all the work people have done is really good and they must have tried really hard.

paul smith

I like the way the blog is set out I think its good to see other people's work from different classes and years .


That day when the people came in was fun.


Well done Mrs Bushell this is really good !!
from layla

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