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September 30, 2008


Jade P

Hey this quiz was all right but some of the question i disagreed with a lot of the questions but when it come 2 the end i wrote a lot about it!

bobbey 7DH

I like the blog but I don't like the lesson.

albert h 7nw

i have liked the surveys so far and i have really liked the homework.

albert h 7nw

i have liked the surveys so far and i have really liked the homework.

kyle w 7nw

I liked the survey and like the homework

Gabriella S 7NW

i think it was a very good idea to put a questionaire on the blog because it was very fun ticking boxes.

where did you get the picture of the homework blah

stephanie r7NW

i think that Re homework is a good idea because we can learn at home and if we're stuck we can look it up on the internet and also and we don't know that were learning more by reading the information!!!

callum h

i like the poster idea

max r 7nw

i think that i have learnt alot
from this terms home work.
i can not wait until next terms home work.

George R 7NW

I have learnt quite alot about Elijah and jesus and the Homework was not very hard i hope we have more drawing tasks

sam e 7nw

i like the home work it is really fun.

sasha h 7nw

hey!miss Bushell,

i really have enjoyed re so far and i think being able to choose our homework is a good idea!!

Anna-Marie S

I think RE at nodehill is very good but could be better. It could be better because it would be good to be able to pick what homework we want to choose and have homework for every religion in the world. Maybe 1 religion a week.

Kelsey B  7JD

I think the R.E Folders are quite good to store and save your homework in at the start of the year I wasn't very good at it but now I seem to be excellent!

olivia h 7JD

i think the survey is a really good idea but the homework mostly takes longer than 25 minutes

saffyc 7jd

i think the survey was very good idea but some of the sheets take more than 25 minutes

Ella W 7JD

I like the blog...i hope i didn't write too much on the survey thingy! bye Ella oxoxo

Atri C 5SP

This is a very interesting blog.I myself am a hindi person.

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