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June 19, 2008



Even if you had been real bad in your life you can be baptised and have a fresh start.


I like the new lessons the people that come in they're fun and it's a really fun way to learn.

macaulay 6ns

this lesson was fun and the actoins helped me

Cory C (coza)

R.e. is not one of my favourite lessons, but its quite fun when you get to make things, creating your own models to go on display.I also enjoy watching video's.


i found the lesson easy to take in and was funny when we got got sprayed with the water.


i think the lesson was good because i had forgotten about the 4 people who wrote the new testament

hannah w

what i learnt in r.e was if you had done somthing bad you turn left then you do the complete oppisite but when you turn right again then it back to bad like if you hurt your brother and facing left then you have to do the opposite which would be nice because your facing left.

daniel 6kg

i thought the lesson was very enjoyable and i learned loads about the new testament also the blog has lots of interesting facts

Laura 6NS

The lesson was really fun and I quite enjoyed it. I learnt about the new testament, I didn't know that there was much difference between the two testaments!
The lesson was also very easy to understand, the two people that came in were really nice, and made everything really easy for me!

Shannon S 6LR

I have been recently been learning in R.E about the New Testament. In this week's lesson we have learnt that Jesus started off as a carpenter with his father Joseph. Later on Jesus was challenged by the devil but, did not accept he felt he should only use his powers to help people. Also, there was a "woman at the well" that Jesus met. Furthermore, he met a religious man and told him that if people believe in God they can be born again ,a.k.a have a fresh new life without any badness. Jesus had 12 followers too.

Gabriella S

This week i have learnt that the religious man was talking to jesus and jesus said he had to be born again a.k.a. start fresh also, jesus visted the woman in the well and, he got stopped by the devil and the devil was trying to tempt jesus to worship him but jesus said i will only worship god. i also found out that jesus had 12 disciples called matt jonna paul andrew peter and others that i can't remember i hope next week we have lots of fun like today

Ella 6RC

Hi Mrs Bushell!!
I have reall enjoyed the topic 'Walk thru the bibe' because, the two visitors that come in to help us are really nice and friendly, they are also funny too!! Athough I found it really fun, especially the days when I played the donkey in the acting arts, I have also found it a bit tricky to memorise all of the action-so I will probably need a bit more practise on them!
Ella xx

lewis s 6NS

i quiet find r.e good and fun it's good to know about religious stuff and people should do r.e a lot.

callum b

i have enjoyed the walk through the bible and i really enjoyed it when connor and some other people got sprayed with water but it is fun going through the bible when i have never read the bible before its such a fun lesson

sam y

I enjoyed walking though the new testament.

nicholas h

the lesson was absolutely fabulous, also i learnt that jesus was tempted by the devil.

kingsley 6ns

this week we learnt adout the first stage in the new testament.
I was an angel so i had to wear wings

andrew 6

first lesson was fun whilst learning

casey  6ns

this was a fun lesson and good because my friend had to wear angel wings.


i have learnt about the bible and some of the stories that are in it

Laura 6NS

Today in R.E. we had the two people from the church come in again. They taught us a lot of things that Jesus did. I also learned a lot of things. Like, I never knew that Jesus had 12 disciples! But also, I never knew that some people thought Jesus' strength came from Satan. Because the people explained that Jesus had power over Satan.

Jordan 6NS

Today I learnt what sermon meant

connor b

i have learnt that jesus met a women at the well and even though no one liked her when jesus came to visit her she went outside and didn't care what anyone else thought of her.

luke pg

i learnt a lot of things such as jesus was tempted by the devil and the new testament- it's fun

Leah B 6LR

Hi! Mrs Bushell
I really enjoyed the lesson because I got to play Jonno even though he was a boy. Jonno or Jon was Jesus' best friend! I also saw some of my friends being baptized. Baptized means you are washing away all your sins and are going to be good. There was this word called 'Repent' and it means to turn over or go over. I had a great time!

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