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June 09, 2008


sasha h 6LR

I really enjoy doing re as it is really fun and also the walk through the bible is fun and helps learn it easier

Shannon S 6LR

I love R.E and now we are recaping what happened in Jesus Christ's life. So now it has got even more better because it's exciting...

Mrs Kambalu

I was once able to attend a short taster session of a walk through the Bible ... it was great! I hope the Year 6s enjoy this and I look forward to reading their comments!

connor b 6LR

I think the new testament of walk the bible is a good idea as the old testament was quite good.

sam e 6lr

re is really good now we get to act out the bible in a thing called walk the bible.

Emily 6KG

hi mrs bushell on thursday when we had that man come in i really enjoyed it i thought that we all learrned and had some fun.i think it helps people learn by acting it out.


I thought the lesson was a different way to study, (in a good way), it helped me remember more thing about the lesson, because of the acting and the actions.

callum and max

The walk through the bible is great fun to listen to in R.E
and we learnt a lot in the first week and are looking forward to next week. We are really enjoying the walk through the bible sessions. by max,callum

olivia-mae (6kg)

hi mrs bushell i have really enjoyed what we have been studying recently in our lessons. I found that having the visitors in on chinese day to learn more about different cultures was extreamly exciting. my best bit was being chosen to come and join in with some actions in the play. i enjoy learning like that because i think that it is a different and fun way to learn and visualise. i am looking forward to learning more about the bible and how it works. however i did not enjoy learning about the ten comarndments as much as i have in other subjects because i thought it was a bit to much to take in.

from olivia-mae

poppy 6LR


George R 6LR

I think R.E is now better because we are now using walk thro the bible , they are taking us for our lessons for the rest of the year, acting out rather than sitting down. This is better because it helps me remember the story.

daniel 6kg

In our last lesson I enjoyed it because it was a different experience which was very educational!

melissa 6kg

I thought that the walk through the bible was good and different. It was easier to work as I like acting and I got to have a go. It made us learn more info on the new testament.

Rhys 6kg

The R.E. lesson I last had was a bit easier because we acted it out instead of writing it.


the lesson was fun and interesting i enjoyed it

Jordan 6NS

I thought the lesson was really good because I had forgotten the 4 people who wrote the New Testement.

poppy s 6ns

i really enjoyed my r.e lesson today as it was fun and something different to what we usually do. it was fun acting it out even though i was only a sheep!


The walk through bible is quite fun and funny, but when i was in my re lesson they put bags down on the table but hardly did anything with them, except told us to look away from them was it a test.

Brandon A 6kg

I thought the walk through of the bibble was a good way to learn. It was really fun, I also liked the song we sang. The song was a bit tricky though.

matt k

i thought the lesson was great and i was one of the people yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but it was fun.

matt k

i thought the lesson was really fun and enjoyable and I was one of the people in the bible yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the walk thru bible lessons have been fun and have helped me to remember the important parts of the new testament, the outfits are really funny to. p.s love borat the fish

callum s 6NS

i really enjoyed my r.e lesson now as it was fun and something different to what we usually do. my best thing to do was acting out all the animal because i was a rabbit


enjoyed walk thru bible thought joe was a great example of joseph and michael was a great example of angel gabriel lol

ps joe roks


borat rocks like will

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