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June 03, 2008


Imogen h

I like RE most of the time it is fun. I learnt what the priests say.

emily p 5sp

I like R.E because it's fun and I like drawing

Fatima.k         5JP

I think that baptism is interesting to learn about.

Liam L 5JP

I think today's lesson was very fun. What I would like to learn about would be Moses. I quite like the story about Moses.

angelika s 5at

I learnt small people have small bit of water on the head and old people go under the water. I prefer the small people because I had that done when I was small.

Jamie 5AT

RE is good. I like all the lessons. I like writing.


I like doing re with Mrs Bushell


I like re it is fun and cool.


I like it

Casey M 7BM

I loved today's activity I have now learnt alot more about jesus's miracles, parables and events he performed.I think i have learnt this information in a fun way not just by reading a book.

ellen 5sp

Miss Bushell that saint nicholas will freak me out if he was on my christmas tree

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