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May 14, 2008



I am commenting on the evaluation in red.

One thing that is good about it is it described the poster very quickly.

They had lots of good symbols.

It will be even better if they said why included the symbols


I am commeting on the evaluation in red. One thing I liked about it was the description of the dove with the feathers representing peace.

I liked the words you used to describe your picture. Even though we couldn't see the pictures, I could imagine it because it was very descriptive.

It would be even better if you included why you wanted to include those pictures.

Mrs K

Year 7, I have been really impressed with your work, and am so glad Mrs Bushell has put it up here to share with us! Unfortunately we were not able to see the excellent photos of your artwork in school today, which I think made it a bit harder for my students to write comments, and we had some problems with the computers, so I think some of the comments did not get through. However, lots of students did look at your work today and I think they were impressed with what they saw. I certainly was!

There are so many great images, and I thought that you have all done a good job of describing your posters and explaining your choice of symbolism.

Well done!


Hi Mrs Bushell, I like the pics of you learning. They are really colourful.

from Kieran


Picture number 3 was my favourite.


Pic one: It has lots of colours to make the little features stand out.

2: There are two features that represent Jesus.

3: There is a dove which came to Jesus when he was born. The earth shows God's creation.

4: The red flames represent that the fire that set people on fire let them know that they have the Holy Spirit.

My favourite picture was the one that had the dove on top of fire. I liked it because it represented what Pentecost was more strongly.


Pic 5: One good thing - the picture is really nice and creative because they really thought about God and the Holy Spirit.


Pic 1: I like this symbol because it represents God's hands creating the world.

Pic 2: I could not believe they were Year 7s! It was a very good picture.

Pic 5: I think this picture is very creative because it shows a nice connection between Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


1: One good thing I liked: the twister. Even better if: they used something else to represent the Lord.

2: One good thing: the Lord's eye. Even better if: they did something with the dark side.

3: One good thing: Dove representing the Holy Spirit. Even better: ???

4: One good thing: nice drawing. Even better: if they didn't put the pics all over the place.

5: One good thing: People on fire reminds us of the Holy Spirit. Even better if: drew Jesus clearer.

6: One good thing: Jesus going to heaven. Even better if: added Holy Spirit.

My favourite picture is number 3, because it showed the earth and the dove (Holy Spirit).


1: One good thing: the drawings. Even better if: to represent heaven more.

My favourite one is the one with the dove because it is inspiring and it explains what [Pentecost] is about.


2: The thing that's good about that picture is that you understand what the picture means.

What needs to improve in that picture is they could have drawn it even bigger so that we could see.

Mrs K

Year 7s, today my class were finally able to see some of your pictures! We only really had the time to look at and talk about the first six or so, so I apologise to those of you whose image appears later on in the Flickr Slidr show, that there are not more comments about your work!

Another thing I should point out is that we were looking at the images on my whiteboard, and since the room was still quite light, it was still tricky for the class to see some of the images.

However, the main point is that my class overall were very impressed with the pictures you have made and a few didn't believe that you were really Year 7 - they thought that you must be older to produce such thoughtful work. Well done!


1: One thing I like about this painting is the design of it.

2: One thing I like about this is the pictures.

5: I like this picture because it involves Jesus and the picture is clear and you can see it properly.

My favourite picture out of all the pictures is the one with Jesus in it because it shows the idea properly and it shows how Jesus is important to us and it shows how holy he is.


1: I liked the picture because the person thought about it.

2: I liked the cross and the way he drew it.

3: I like the dove because it represents the Holy Spirit.

4: I like it because it looks impressive.

5: I like it because it shows that the Holy Spirit is with us.

6: I like it because it shows the connection between Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


1: I liked the colour and the design. Even better if the colour could be more colourful around the picture.

2: I like the darkenss and the letters that have meaning of something.

3: I like the design. Even better if it was more colourful.

4: I like the design and the colours around the picture. Even better if people could understand the meaning of the picture.

5: I like the design and the meaning. I think this is the best one ever. I don't have anything to say so they can do better.

6: This one the design is ok but ... Even better if they should colour the background.

7: This one is a bit good but ... Even better if they make it more colourful around.

My favourite picture was number five because it has a lot of meaning just for looking at it. And the favourite picture explains what they were doing.

charlie c 5JP

I have learnt how to baptise someone. You have to dunk them underneath the water. It was fun because I didn't know what he was going to do. I thought I worked hard but I think I could work a little bit harder.


In the last lesson i learnt that Jesus was baptised (and what being baptised meant!) ;-)

Hannah G 7JD

I think using the lego people was a good idea because it makes it more enjoyable for younger children and us at Nodehill.

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