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May 17, 2008


chloe c

Sometimes r.e is boring but you make it fun and we sometimes include art in it so it is more intresting and get to go on the computers.

sophie w 6kg

Hi I find r.e fun because we make stuff a lot because I love art. Could we make a bit more art stuff?

best wishes

Ellie 5AJ

Hi mrs . Bushell . I really like r.e its great fun! I liked learning about hindus because of when the lady came in and painted our faces you should let us do it again :-). i learn alot in your class.

rowen t 5ng

In this whole year R.E has been fun. Our teacher has told us new things that I personally didn't know. I have learnt a lot in this year.

Gabriella S 6LR

I am really enjoying r.e at the moment and I am enjoying it more because we are with the people and I really enjoyed dressing up as Angel Gabrielle.

beatrice s

in r.e. i have learnt that although jesus was god's son and
most people thought he was practically perfect, he was still baptised.

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