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February 26, 2008



I like it. It's good.

Charlie C 8SD

This unit was a bit interesting but a little bit boring

Connor P

I think the re is pretty good but sometimes talking about the same person every week gets a bit annoying but if it was different it might be a lot of fun maybe anyway.


I love this blog!


Love the widget, it's funny
Yay I've done my R.E H/W

Emily 8nw

I think this unit has been interesting because we have been able to learn about different peoples views on God!!!


I think learning about other people's views in god was interesting. Mainly because I learned things that I thought I wouldn't.


I understand that we should appreciate other religions and beliefs, however, I do think that we should learn more about Christianity; seeing that it is the UK's leading religion.

Tom C (8NW)

I think that looking at other people's work will help us get a higher level as we know what we have to do for that level =)


I think that you have put more things on the blog to make people go on it such as the games, it's looking fun and good.

lucy 8sm

I think that you've done a good job on the blog as you've put games on the blog.


I'd like to see more pictures

ben 8vm

I think that re isn't really really that important
but sometimes it can be quite interesting:):):)


I think this blog is a good idea because other people in different year groups can see what other year groups are doing!!!

ben. r 8VM

Cool voki and I like the fish called Will, can you make one of me?

Nice blog cool slide shows.


I think learning about over people's beleifs is important but it i a bit confusing beucase there are so many .


I think the blog's gradually starting to look really good and interesting. You've even got some links to some games up which should grab more peoples attention to RE.

jonny w

I think it really good because it has some of my work on there.

Sarah C 8NW

I think this blog is a brilliant idea because everyone in the world can find out what we have been doing,and other R.E. teachers can improve their lessons by looking at what we have been doing... I also like the animals on the side.

Aishu 8NW

I think this blog has influenced all year groups and it was a very good idea to start it as it helps us!

Harriet 8NW

I think that learning about different religions is really important and designing a collective worship leaflet was a great idea!

Oliver C 8NW

I think this blog is great, it is very useful too


I think that re can be a bit boring but at times it is fun, it is fun when the teacher lets us have a laff and stuff... I also like it when she lets us mark our own work its cool!!!!


I like r.e and the unit we have been doing this term has been really fun. Thanks Mrs. Bushell.

Mrs K

I just wanted to reply to Sarah C - It's true, I'm another RE teacher and I enjoy visiting your email to get good ideas from Mrs Bushell and to learn from your comments! I wish more of my students would comment the way you have done! Keep up the good work, everyone.

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