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February 12, 2008



I think that they should give that opportuity to the whole school rather than just the year 5s

amy 8sm

I wish I was in year 5 on hindu day. Looking at all the year 5 with their faces painted I wish it was me!



kirsty l

I like re it's fun!

liam a 8sm

I think that the special act of service was good when she was blowing the conch shell.

kirsty l , 8sm

That assembly was boring, but the smell was nice.

Jessie C 8SM

I Really Found The Hindu Assembly Interesting, The Leaflets That We Did Were Intersting Aswell And I Enjoyed Doing Them.

amy g 8sm

The assembly we had on hindu was really interesting and I found the stories interesting too.

Lauren 8sm

Mrs Bushell I think the blog is a great idea for the country.


wowwy I like it a little bit-it shows a lot about religion wicked smileys x x

Ben M

It looks really good and I thought the ceremony was really good.

josh m

It looks really good and I thought the ceremony was really good.

becca s

I really like this blog it's very
interesting .


The assembly was boring but I learned a bit.


more games 4 year 8's

Ben 7BM

I enjoyed the assembly and learned things about hindus. I liked the story of sita and rama.


l thank that the lady should pick the year 7 and 8 aswell because she was picking on the year 5 and 6 .

Kayleigh T 7DH

I think they should do a hindu day with the year 7 and 8s because they didn't include the year 7 and 8s in when it was hindu day with them.

rebecca s

I think re is cool.

sophie 6kg

hi i really like the lesson today because it was really fun and i enjoyed so thank you very much for making that lesson so fun


x x x


I realy like all the clips and the photos, this blog is really interesting.
(I like will, borat and becks!)

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