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December 04, 2007


jacob 7ja

This was a great topic for year five, I don't remember doing this though.

max 7ja

this is great - makes homework easy

Marz D 7JA

Hey Mrs Bushell,

This Blog Is Good because more pupils in the school can come too the blog and find out lots of things about R.E. =] <3

ByEe. ' :)

Kathryn S 7JA

This Blog is Really Good For Pupils To Find Out More About Whats Going On In R.E At the moment.

To improve R.E At Nodehill i Think We Should Go On More Cultural Visits to Churches, Mosques Etc. :)


Jimmy S

I like Chritmas and the jingle bells at the top of the page.
Also the info seems very interesting.


Tom T

Christmas is fun especially the chocolates!!!
And I like your Website it is cool

Merry christmas Mrs bushell

Tom 7JA

ellis r 7JA

I forgot what all the different candles meant so it was good

ellis r 7JA

I like advent especially the chocolate in the calenders. I like the bells at the top of the page and I had forgotten what the candles meant.

Merry Christmas Mrs Bushell

Emily G

hi this blog is really good it gives a lot of info about RE.

Merry Christmas Mrs Bushell

tommy p 7GB

Well if you were a Jewish person which doesn't celebrate Christmas you might aswell do Hannukah stuff in class instead of making santa pictures.

This is good for homework.

Ryan rf 7nw

Hi I'm Ryan Merry Chrismas Mrs Bushell thanks for teaching me


Yo Mrs Bushell
This is a really good web page as it can help children with their homework and they could use it as help!!!!

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