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October 14, 2007


Jess 8SM

Hello I think that the site is really good because it tells every-one what we have been up to in r.e. I really enjoyed doing the stain glass windows and the winners designs are excellent.

adam p 8rm

I think that is true nodehill is a really good school it has good learing and has really nice teachers that encourage you if you do not understand. We have our blogs because they help us learn more and look at other people's comments from around the world.

I believe that all of the blogs on our website are good and we should keep them up to date with all of our latest news about the lessons and much more.

Aishu  8NW

I think that this blog is very useful to our learning and gives us another resource to look at instead of books. I think the way that pupil's work is displayed is very useful to look at and improve our own work to a better standard.

Calli s


alfred H 7ja

Nodehill are really doing well! We had a newpaper in our French lesson, and now this radio five live! Keep up the good work, Nodehill!!

Calli 7JA

Radio 5 Live is really really good and if you listen to it you could learn alot!

Yasmine 8vm

I am really enjoying RE and I think all the different religions are really interesting. Can we learn about egyptian beliefs because I find all their gods very interesting and I really want to learn about them.

lilymae m

I think this web site is really really really really really really cool. I like your fish and bunny miss b we can learn alot from this web site. I love the games there fun. And the web site is just fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megann 8vm..x

The games on the RE blog are okay, but I think we need more of them. I Like Borat,Will and Becks. I Like Carrott Too (: Not so sure about fish food however. The only belief I have enjoyed this year so far is Hindu. They have many gods to believe in, rather than just the one. The elephant is quite good.

Bye for now.

Amy    8NW

I think that it is useful to see what other years have done. Also you can learn from it. Although I think we could have more games on the blog.

Lewis J 8RM

I like your fish Borat.


I belive in Jesus.

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