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October 08, 2007


jakek 5aj

Well done u done brillant it is very good.


I like the website because it is clear bright and fun and it makes r.e great to learn

mairiiey   8SM

I like the blog because it can help us when we need help with our re homework.

max 8rm

Hi good pictures
I like the colours can we do more pictures like this that could do with re please

Leigh 8NW

I like the blog because it is colourful, interesting and full of bright ideas.
Well done Laura for the window competition thingy!!


This website is great, it really helps me with the R.E lessons!

Hannah 8NW

Hi Mrs Bushell - RE is great at the moment - i really enjoyed doing the sheet that we did in class - the homework that we did on the RE poster about God was great - it was really interesting - i hope we can do it more often.
I love RE and learning about Sikhism.
The act of service was excellent and the vistors where really interesting. I can`t believe
how many candles you have to use at chunakah.
Hope we can play with the driedles - i still don`t know what the symbols mean - again soon.
Hannah 8NW

Sophie G

I really like the RE Blog as it can help us if were stuck on homework. It makes Re more fun to learn!!:)

george.r 8sm

hi they look really good

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