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September 18, 2007



Thought the site was really good. Went on some of the links and my mum played the potato game

Callum H 6NS

I am looking forward to playing the games.

Casey M 6NS

Hi I loved playing the games. My favourite was spot the difference. My 5 year old cousin Bradley enjoyed making the buddhas face.

Sophie W 6KG

I think the RE games look fun. I think the blog and the games will help people learn.

livy and mel

The best game is the jigsaw and we are also missing being in your class!

Sophie E 6PG

Homer Simpon's funny I love the fish and rabbit.


Hello, I think this is a good blog because this helps us pupils and it gives us info about what happened in the past which involed R.E in this school.

mikey s

i think it is better now that you have games but it still looks a bit boring to me

lizzie 8SM

The games are well fun!!

adam p 8rm

I like these Homer Simpson, I really like all the games but one of them does not work so I would like to see it please to see what it is like. So thanks and many thanks for making them games it makes a much better website and
can we get a better border and can we get more vokes on the website please

many thanks

~~ adam p 8rm ~~

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