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September 29, 2007



I remember a poster my own RE teacher had on the wall when I was at school - "If God is good, why does she allow suffering?". Most of the conversation was not about suffering!

Sarah w 7NW

We haven't actually done this in class yet but I will look forward to doing it and also we do do a wink at the end of the class to tell each other what we have learned and it is nice to hear that they have actually been listening and learning and to hear their point of view!!


This is a very cool blog it tells you all about re.

Max 8rm

Ways to improve RE - eat more chocolate please and go to the ict room more thanks from max

Tom Th. 8NW

Oooo... Nice Blog

Tom C 8NW

BORAT is a goldfish. I knew it!

fliss 7JA

yr7 R.e was kinda cool on the week the week where we watched the simpsons

Sophie 7JA

I think that this idea is good and Mrs.Bushell is a good teacher to teach us RE. Learning about Jesus and Buddhism is good and is fun!!! Bye

Lucy 7JA

This is a good idea and I thoroughly enjoy R.E this year now I have Mrs.Bushell. I enjoy doing stuff on the computer and I would like to do it more often also I liked watching the Simpsons.


I like our starters, as they get you going for the main lesson and ask very thought provoking questions, such as what cam first, the chicken or the egg?

Sam s 8SM

The blog is cool because of the fish and the rabbits. It's cool bye

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