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September 20, 2007


Robert C 7DH

When I was in Primary School I used to sing 'Shine Jesus Shine' and I enjoyed singing it again.


It is a good blog but it is too boring and complicated.


It is cool.

Jim C 7JD

I enjoyed listening to the visitor talk about different types of bread and I enjoyed eating the soda bread.

Jess W 7NW

I enjoyed the Special Act of Service yesterday. Would it be possible to look at how Jewish people worship?

Katherine G

I think these games are great fun. Putting games on the blog was a great idea!

liam h-r 7jd

I liked the bread.


I like bread and wine but I can't drink wine because I'm too young.

Sarah w 7NW

I enjoyed tasting the bread it was good and I always love a good song in a assembly it was great well done you!!!! I hope we can do something like that again soon

sam 8SM

mmmmmmm yummy food I like the dohnuts :)

Jack h 8RM

lol good blog

tom c 7ja

It was nice food
and a fun day !
Thankyou Mrs Bushell

sean w

Yum bread learnt a lot never tried irish bread!!!

Hannah W 7JA

heyoo people .. i think the bread was lovely .. i loved the naan bread because it tastes so nice.. i learnt a lot about that .. and it was fun.

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