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September 23, 2007


Bradley C 5AJ

Hello guys you did really well. I think Kimberley, Harry and Harris used a lot of detail and used great colours.

Rain R 5NG

I am excited about the creation display. I am looking forward to doing one with my class.

jake k

Well done guys you did brilliant.

Imogen H 5SP

I created a picture of birds and fish. I thought it was fun making it. I used chalk and tissue paper. I think other people will think that we did some good work.

Bethan D 5JP

I think other people would like to do the things that we have been doing so far. I made a picture of the sea and sky and I used tissue paper. I enjoyed working with my partner.

Lauren . S

I like drawing my picture of the sun and the moon and I think that everybody would like it .

Daniel P 5AM

I think the Year 5s did really well and I am looking forward to learning more about how God created the world.


I think R.E is really fun and I'm looking forward to learning about the creation.

sam h 5aj

Your blog looks really cool Mrs
Bushell. I look forward to reading

sam h 5aj

I have fed your fish, they're really funny.


I really enjoyed doing about the creation and drawing the pictures.

Zoe 8nw

Hi Mrs Bushell I like your dancing men that say awesome and advent they're cool!

Becks is my favourite he's cute, you should make one called Johnny Depp hehe Becks is kind of out numbered with the fish aswell, poor Becks.

Bye Zoe 8nw


This blog is very intersting and is useful for other people and even teachers.

Bradley R

Hello I loved it.

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