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July 11, 2007


Anas Al-korj

This is Anas, who hosted the visit in the mosque. I am very impressed by the ability, honesty and openness of this group of young boys and girls. They debated very interesting topics and asked -in depth- very thoughtful questions.

Some of the kids in this group, one particular girl Sam, was exceptionally bright and stood out and I wish to congratulate her parents on having such an intelligent girl.

I am very pleased that a lot of learning took place on the day and children went away with a very positive view about Islam and Mosques. Thank you very much to the organisers and to the school management team who allowed this success to happen.



A nice insight to the Muslim religion. Very...educational.


Hi This is the above mentioned Sam. I Just want to say thank you for the experience and I personally have taken away a lot from the experience. I never realised how open-minded the Islam religion is and I have so much respect for muslims. Thank you Anas for answering my, sometimes difficult, questions to the best of your ability.
Sammi x


I think the re blog is a good place to show work from other years and see how well they have done. I think this will help because you learn other things from other peoples work. I will be sure to vist the re blog again.

emily s

I think that the re blog is a good idea because you can see other year groups work. I think you can achieve great things in re. I will visit the re blog again and is a great way to learn about other projects in re.


Hi Mrs Bushell :]

The blog is a really great idea! It's a way of congratualting pupils on their work.

Plus, the R.E visits in Year8 look fun!

Lucy H 8VM.

joe 8RM

The website is great Mrs Bushell lots of intresting stuff on it I think that I will have a good year and hope to improve on last year's mark in RE

Joe 8RM Thanks

Danii 8rm

Hey Mrs Bushell x

This Page Is Good To Look At And Can Help You With Lots Of Different Things And Probably My Homework
x x x

kyle 8rm

Hi Mrs Bushell
Good page. It will help with homework and like your new class room.

Charlie 8SD

This blog is good and gives a lot of information, I think the visit to the mosque will be quite good

jess 8sd

I think this will help because you learn other things from other people's work. I will visit the re blog again and it is a great way to learn about other projects in re.



Hi Mrs B I like your blog and especially borat the fish. I think the blog is helpful for learning and I think it's better than the other blogs hehehe

Jake 8NW!

nadine 7DH

Hi Mrs Bushell,
The page is great. It helps people learn with all the different things and I love the re room it is totaly cool!

nadine 7DH

Mitch W

I thought that it was interesting, and also thought that the motion pictures were good aswell. I think that it could be a bit more appealing with pics and games.

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