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July 11, 2007



I was meant to do that but i was ill! :-( Doh! I missed out!

Amy G 8sm

I think the room looks cool and i especially like the chinese dragon *****


I like the room it's very good and I like the dragon.


Yes good room, I like the dragon! It is very nice!!


We really like it. Joe and Oliie


I thought the work they did was very well done. Although I didn't think the vokie was very clearly spoken? Still, its all really good. Well done!


I thought that this picture was just amazing I believe that the pupils that drew this are really good at art and r.e
=] tom

Itis nice eh it's really cool what you heve done to the blog you have done well

Luke 8SM

Wicked Pictures

mat 8SM

Nice moose


hiya I really like this blog it is very helpful thank you.

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