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March 04, 2007



It was a really good assembly and I really enjoyed it please keep them fun and enjoyable

Jade B

This is a really good page and the assembly on the special acts of sevice we had the other day was really good and fun the power point was excellent.


I think this blog is super because I liked the pictures of all of the pupils. I really liked the assembly as well because it gave you a chance to think about stuff.

Jodii k

I think the blog is a good way for people to learn. And the special acts of service was really good. Yet another good activity you planned for us Mrs Bushell :)

Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your kind comments Jodii but it was really the idea of some Year 8 pupils! I would love to hear of any other great ideas that could be used in our Special Acts of Service.


I think that this is a really cool blog page I really enjoy R.E and iI can't wait until friday afternoons because it is R.E. I keep it a secret because not everyone likes RE but I'm glad that I can access the RE blog any time at school or at home and it is really good that you keep us up to date with what we do in RE. Congrats on how much you raised for red nose day it was really fun, thanks Mrs Bushell your'e the best.

Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your kind comments Jennifer and I am glad that you enjoy RE as much as I enjoy teaching it! I donated the 10p per minute that 8NW worked on Friday and was really pleased with the outcome - keep it up!


i think the REblog rules so does RE


I think this blog is very good and I thought the assembly was interesting and gave us all a chance to think. I also think R.E is a good subject.

ziggy d

I liked the fish and I liked the bread at the assembly.

Jason h

I didn't like the bread but I love feeding your pets.

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