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March 04, 2007


SACRE Consultant

Your display of work and your drama enhanced our Annual Meeting. Often it is assumed that SACRE events are for church schools, so it was even more significant that you participated. Well done again and many thanks.

Mrs J Buckley

As chair of SACRE it was a pleasure to watch pupils from Nodehill perform for our meeting. It is never easy to perform in front of strangers and I think you did the job very well. You should all be proud of yourselves.

I was also very impressed with the work you have been doing in class, which was on display at the meeting also. It is clear that this subject is fun and you enjoy it.

Well done to everyone at Nodehill and thank you for all your contributions.

Mrs J Buckley Chair SACRE, Head of RS @ Medina High School and Faculty leader for Humanities.


I really enjoyed reading about the staianed glass windows, there was also some really good pictures.


I think the self/peer assessment thing is quite a good way to mark stuff as it shows what other pupils think about your work.


I think this really helped me and I now know to come to this site for help.


I think that the re room is really good. I had a lot of fun last year on the buddha.


I think the new re room is really nice
and big and I think every one will love it.


The re room is the best room in the school.

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