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February 22, 2007



Cool blog Mrs B I think that the pictures are cool and the stained glass windows are amazing.


These look wicked but why did you take them to Winchester?

Mrs Bushell

Thank you for your comment Beth and they are fantastic windows. There are lots of reasons for choosing Winchester for the MAPP days; I used to go to University there and love the Cathedral; they do workshops for school parties; it is fairly easy to get to from the Island but also involves travelling on lots of difrerent forms of transport, like the Red Jet, a bus and a train, which is exciting! But I think the main reason is that the famous stained glass window has a really interesting story behind it. It is said that when Henry VIII was King and has his dispute with the Catholic Church he ordered the destruction of many churches around England. Winchester was raided, its valuables taken and sold and the stained glass window demolished. In the aftermath the people of WInchester collected as much of the glass as they could. When it was safe to do so they rebuilt the window. It now looks like a mis-mash but if you look carefully you can see they have tried to match up the pictures as best they could. I think that the story adds to the beauty of the window.

Thomas C

On your blog Mrs B I thought that the pictures of the stained glass windows were great and I am also going to write another comment on one of the school drawings
=] tom

Lydia C7JD

Very informative, I was surprised at the quantity of information on the page.

Ryan B

It is a great idea to have a R.E. blog on here. It's well good.

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