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December 06, 2006


Mrs Moran

The trip to Winchester Cathederal was a very illuminating day - in more ways than one! I particularly enjoyed the story of the beautiful - but unusual - stained glass windows. The exquisite Illuminated Bible was amazing to study - to think that one monk had spend goodness knows how long handwriting the parables, stories and gospels etc was truly awe inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing the illuminated 'colour in' letters from the MAPP day pupils, I'm sure they will be excellent.


A great way to advertise our school.


I found this blog very ineresting I really liked the bit about the cathedral I feel as if I have had a RE lesson right here on this site.


This is very helpful and I enjoyed reading it.


I think that this blog is very helpful and the pictures were quite something I enjoyed reading the blog.


This is a good blog but I think we could go on maybe more RE trips like the Geography one year 8 went on because that was fun and I think an RE one would be fun also.

Mrs Bushell

I am taking a further nineteen Year 8 pupils to Winchester on Monday for another MAPP day. This time they will take part in a stained glass window workshop so look out for the post after that visit. I whole year trip would be great though - I will look into it!


My comment about this R.E. blog is that it is intresting looking at, especially, the children's work they done from all years. I thought the work was very impressive. I liked the two photos on Winchester the stain glass windows were very nice. To improve the blog you should add more photos to the blog of children's work and add more photos to the Winchester trip. Carmen 8NW


I thought the blog was great, the pictures of the childrens work was good and the picture of the Winchester Cathedral I loved it!!


I think this blog was really good because it felt like you were actually there and i learnt alot from it and enjoyed reading it.


I think it was really good because it felt like you were actually there and I learnt alot also I enjoyed reading it.

sammi.h 8NW

Very good blog. I enjoyed looking at it.


I thought the pictures looked very interesting the blog is a great way for kids to see and learn something new.


I think this blog is a great way for others to see what we have done by looking at the pictures.


It was cool.


It is a very good way to advertise our school. It is a very good blog with lots of great pictures and would like to see more pictures of future mapp days.
Its a great blog. It was fun to read


I think that this RE blog is a great way of showing others what great things we do, the RE mapp day looks quite interesting too


It was totally wicked!

sammi h 8nw

Very good it helps us learn on the computer!

Darren dw 7nw

I like the pctures of the churches because they show a little story.

Chelsea 8SM

I think that this website will help children in the future because it has bright and colourful pictures although I think that there is a bit too much writing!


Becca    8RM

It is good and will help people learn.

Tom R 8SM

Hi Tom from 8sm here. I fed your fish borat and will and i fed your rabbit becks.

Georgia 8RM

I think it is very helpful to help us learn. I think the pictures are great but to much writing!!


I think its interesting because it shows picture of different years doing things.

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