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December 04, 2006


Jason Jarrett

We would love to get questions about Buddhism from your students and provide you with answers on our podcast. Let us know if we can help!


The RE webpage is well cool! See you Thursday Mrs Bushell!


I thought that the R.E blog was useful, it had loads of info about what you can do and about MAPP days. It also had good pictures to show where people would go on field trips.


I think this blog is very useful for many reasons, I think it is good to see what the other pupils have been up to, MAPP days for example


well this certainly is an...... interesting blog.
The fact that its R.E gives me all the more reason to love it so much.
But overall it's good, I might think about going on it again, maybe.


Everything is good, but it wasn't very easy to get to the RE blog in the first place.

Tom C :)

Great blog..

Looking foward to some topics we have later on in the Year.


I really love this blog as purple is my favourite colour. I think it is a really useful, and the animals are really cute, see you on Thursday!


I really love the blog as purple is my favourite colour and is really useful. See you on Thursday!

Tom C

I like the RE Blog.. I think we will have a good year for RE now.

thea 8sm

I think that RE is ok and I am looking forward to sitting next to Lauren and doing trips like MAPP days

lauren 8sm

I think RE is ok and I think this year is going to be a good for RE and I am looking forward to sitting next to Thea and looking forward to going on MAPP day

Tom Th.

-.- Nice blog you got there.


I'm not sure that my previous comment was actually mine as I do not remember writing it anyway I like the site as it is good to see what other pupils have been doing in re related work MAPP day etc

mat L 8sm

I think the blog is wicked especially borat the fish he's cool. The website is very useful with loads of info!!!! Please put me on the mapp day Mrs Bushell.:)

Ollie C

I would agree with everyone else that this blog is useful in many ways. I thought it was great =)


I remember doing that!
It was well fun.


It's good for getting information for home work

ryan c

It was good. I enjoyed reading the info.

kirsty L 8sm

I think this RE blog is a good idea so we can share our thoughts and ideas with each other on the net.

sam c 8jh

I think it's really good and it could help people improve their RE.

sam c 8jh

I remember doing it and I LEARNT A LOT.


I think this year Mrs Bushell has done a good job on the class room Mrs Bushell has brightend it up and that makes it easy to learn.

curtis 8jh

I like what you have done with classroom. I also like what you have done with the RE blog it is really good, we could learrn a lot from you.

Yasmine 8vm

I like the R.E blog it's very good with all the new pictures. Good job Mrs Bushell.

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