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November 08, 2006



I think everyone did really well searching for a miracle as it is hard to determine if it is a miracle, or not.
Well done!


I think it was very good and that the miracles were really interesting well done!


I think the blog would really help other people to learn and it was interesting to see my assesment on the blog.


I think the work we did on miracles was really good and Ireally enjoyed doing it


cool website!


We have learnt lots about people who met Jesus, and a bit about them.


It is a good website it will help people with HW and it shows other from other schools what kind of thing we do in the school


I think it is amazing that there are this many miracles in the world!

Josie S 7JA

I Really Like RE And I Like The Newspaper Articles On The Rescue Stories! It Was Fun And Interesting Listening To Them!

giorgia n 7ja

wow those miracle stories were really shocking! and not being mean or anything but some were really interesting!

Kirsten H 7JA

I think that the lesson with the miracles was really fun!
It was interesting listening to them!


Everyone that did one of the presentations well done! Miracles can come true you know!

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